Hi, I'm MarkieAnn Gardner!

Hello, I am a problem solver with experience in design, product development, project management, illustration, and marketing. I create projects from start to finish. I lead creative teams. I coordinate large projects. I manage brands. I design neat things. I pet cats.

Camel & Quail Branding
Small Business Branding
Frondio Event Poster
Illustration and Design
Mondio National Championships
Illustration and Design
Kids Wireless Headphone
Tricky Tike packaging for Wicked Audio. Kids Wireless Bluetooth headphones packaging and more, including stickers. Colorful illustrations make the packaging fun, cheerful, and kid friendly.
Diagrams and Line Drawings
Diagrams and Line Drawings
Elko Gentle Smiles
Dental Practice Branding
Toothy Grin Trucker Hat
Apparel Design
Halloween Coloring Pages
Detailed Illustrations
Wicked Audio Longboard Deck
Merchandise Branding
Utah Protection Sports
Logo Creation and Branding
Growl Vector Brushes
Adobe Illustrator Resources
Nature Coloring Pages
Valentine Exchange Cards
Traditional Illustration
Earth Day 2015 Poster
Earth Day Poster
Squirrely Bridal Shower
Bridal Shower Invitations
Earbud Packaging
Packaging and Product Line Design
Great Reno Balloon Race
Layout and Design
Glare Glowstick Packaging
Packaging and Branding
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